Welcome to the *Stylish Mama* Blog

Live a happy life(style).

Thanks for swinging by! I'm Liza - a wife and mom of 3 beautiful little humans and one adorable puppy. I'm also a writer, social media manager and the style & beauty contributor for BergenCountyMoms.com.

I've always had a habit of pulling the positive out of even the worst situations; I believe there's good everywhere and beauty in everything ... you just need to know where to look and keep your heart open to the magic. What good is this all if I keep it to myself?

I share the "gems" that I find because I believe in surrounding yourself with what brings you joy in order to increase your happiness. I write my blogs because I KNOW that this happiness originates from within you. Happiness is a choice that you need to make every single day. 

I hope that my finds - whether it's an item that can be purchased, a quote that speaks to you, or a person whose message is to be treasured - inspire you to find your passion and to pay it forward. Thanks for visiting!

Find the good. Be the good. 

Liza XO


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