Past Blogs


What to Get the (Local) Guy Who Doesn't Want Anything for Father's Day

A unique experience for men in Ridgewood, New Jersey. 

The "Junk" is Making You Miss the Good Stuff

A nice little reminder when all the extra stuff is making you feel overwhelmed. 

5 Things I Know to be True at 40

One of my favorites. I've learned some great lessons over the years. 

Make Happiness Your Habit

A product review of the Smile Brilliant teeth whitening system.

Living One Moment at at Time

A product review of Jord watches. 

A Simple Way to Brighten Your Dull Winter Skin

I visited Araya Rebirth in Ridgewood for a  Lactic Acid Peel and NuFace Wow Brow service. 


Not Your Average Joey

This beautiful lady makes our area a little more colorful. 

What "Drives" Your Happiness?

Surprise, surprise ... your own happiness has nothing to do with you! 

3 Words That Will Totally Change Your Mindset

My very first ... and best blog yet. These 3 words can change your whole outlook on life. 


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